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SQL Server Log Explorer is an instructive blog site that targets the most inquisitive and intrusive queries concerning SQL Server Log files. Moreover, queries regarding the SQL master database file & secondary files are also solved here. The site shares all expert-level solutions and advice related to – fixing, troubleshooting, exploring, and looking into the Server Log files along with others. It is the best place for SQL Server administrators to deal with real-time server log databases regarding issues. The website dedicatedly works on the issues that relate only to the transaction logs thus the expertise is only directed towards expertly bringing out details about the log files that are yet not known to other users.

This site discusses the trending SQL log file-related issues to bring out the right solution for unsought queries concerning SQL Log files. Being the experts behind the site, we not only share our research but also accept end-user queries.

Such inputs can be shared via contact details shared on the Contact Us section of the website and we shall proceed with it in the soonest possible time.

We deeply value our readers’ suggestions for enhancing the experience of the SQL Server

SQL Server Log Explorer blog focuses on the current issues challenging Server database admins, architects, developers, and other such enterprise-level professionals with crucial databases in enormous quantity. The guides are generated keeping in mind a universal set of user groups ranging from the novice to technically sound ones to learn profoundly about the transaction log files and their troubleshooting tips from the Server experts.

What We Aim For?

Have A Look at Our Vision and Mission


SQL Server Log Explorer has a vision of reducing the gap between technology and those using it. Then only, we can bring change & help users from across the globe have any technical problem. We aim to go out of the box to create solutions that have not been present.


We have taken a challenge to not let any SQL Server user suffer from usual SQL log file issues, MDF or NDF file issues, or even generic SQL errors. We have made this very clear in our minds that no matter what, we have to take the SQL challenges every day that others are even scared to touch.

Management Team

Our Management Team is the Backbone of Our Esteemed Organization


Andrew Jackson

(SQL Database Administrator)


Atdhe Buja

(Database Programmer)

Stacy Brown

Stacy Brown

(SQL Technical Analyst)

Ganapathi Varma

Ganapathi Varma

(Data Modeler)

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones

(Database Engineer)

Jason Clark

Jason Clark

(Database Architect)

Stephen West

Stephen West

(SQL Technical Analyst)

We Ensure You

Our Values

Pioneer Technology

Being a part of this IT industry allows us to focus on pioneering SQL solutions that truly add value to the users by helping them get rid of their technical SQL-related troubles.

Goal Oriented

Our entire team is goal-oriented and we aim for offering the best solutions as per the custom problems of users. We make sure that we deliver to our users what we promised.

Adaptive Changes

We make sure to adapt as modern technology changes smoothly help us step up parallelly with the new unseen challenges & provide us the ability to overcome them.

Priority for Team’s Success

It’s our robust team that works day & night to meet all deadlines for troubled users out there. Thus, we prioritize our team’s success & take necessary actions for the same.

Sincere Accountability

We take ownership of everything. All members of our team are accountable for the responsibilities they’re handling. We deliver more than the expectations of our clients.