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Know How to Restore SQL Table from Backup Data File

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Restore SQL Table from Backup

Are you are looking for an exact method for learning how to restore SQL table from backup in SQL Server 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, and below editions? Then you are on the right page. In this write-up, we will provide both manual & automated step-by-step procedures to restore database to another database in SQL server quickly.

As we all know, MS SQL Server is one of the strong pillars for most organizations and businesses as it preserves all the information in a secure manner. With this RDBMS, users can easily manage or handle a database of any size. Sometimes, users often find themselves in a situation, where they need to restore tables from backup SQL server database. Since this is a fragile matter, many users find it difficult to restore their crucial data by themselves. Besides, there are many users who actually do not know how to do that.

So, If you are also such a user who is finding a reliable solution for the same. Then this is the right platform to overcome such circumstances. Here, you will get the best solution to restore one table from SQL backup. Stick to the post until the end to see the results.

User Query to Restore Tables from Backup SQL Server with Corruption Causes

Hi, I’m Neil from San Francisco. I’m facing trouble with my SQL server as I’m unable to restore the tables from the backup file I have. Now, it’s really frustrating for me as I can’t access the data files I require. Please help me with the solution. Also, explain the corruption causes as well to prevent such situations in the future.

There are several other queries as well just like this one. Evidently, this shows that users from all around the world suffer from such issues in their SQL Servers. Now, let’s move further & focus on the manual solution first that users have. Later on, we can learn the most reliable automated solution.

How to Restore SQL Table from Backup Manually

Now, when we start with the manual solution, the first thing we need to keep in our mind is to make sure we are not compromising on security at all. This is because the manual solution is quite complex and involves various risks that might contribute to further complications.

  • The first step is to know how to restore one table from SQL backup file, users need to simply follow the STOPAT command.
RESTORE DATABASE Xyzdatabase FROM DISK = 'C:\Xyzdatabase.BAK'
RESTORE LOG Xyzdatabase FROM DISK = 'C:\Xyzdatabase.TRN'
STOPAT = 'May 19, 2016 11:40:00 AM'
  • Our second step is to copy required tables to the database with ease.

In case the table exists but rows are deleted: 

USE Xyzdatabase
INSERT INTO Employee.Details
(Name, ID, Age)
SELECT * FROM Xyzdatabase_Restored.Employee.Details

In case the complete table was dropped: 

USE Ariadatabase
SELECT * INTO Employee.Details
FROM Xyzdatabase_Restored.Employee.Details

If a few rows were damaged due to an update or anything else:

USE Xyzdatabase
MERGE Employee.Details dest
USING (SELECT * FROM Xyzdatabase_Restored. Employee.Details src) AS src
ON dest.Name = src.Name
SET dest.ID = src.ID, dest.Age = src.Age
(Name, ID, Age) VALUES
(src.Name, src.ID, src.Age);
  • Now, if required, users need to simply create the indexes, triggers, etc.
  • Run the DBCC CHECKDB command to verify the database integrity.

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How to Restore SQL Table Data from Backup Files Automatically?

The safest and easiest way to restore tables from a backup SQL server is with the advanced SQL Backup Recovery Tool. It is a very professional and reliable solution to restore data from MDF and NDF database files of the SQL server.

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Even more than that, the tool has the potential to efficiently restore tables, triggers, keys, indexes, functions, rules, stored procedures, etc from the corrupt or damaged SQL database. It makes learning how to restore one table from SQL backup easy, Also, it does not possess any limitations as well.

In addition to this, it preserves data integrity throughout the process. Furthermore, The tool is compatible with databases created in any version of SQL Server such as 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, and all below versions.

Steps to Restore SQL Table Data from BAK File Using the Tool

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows system and Click on Open button to load the backup MDF file.
    launch tool to restore SQL table from backup
  2. If there are multiple backup files, users can select Multiple BAK files & then Hit the Ok to proceed further for the repair & recovery task.
    select multiple backup file
  3. Once the scanning gets completed, the tool will display all items of the database for previewing. Now, in learning how to restore SQL table from backup file, click on Export button.
    preview database items
  4. Select the SQL Server Database option from the Export window and choose Server Name and Authentication mode. If you choose SQL Server Authentication, also provide the User Name and Credentials of SQL Server.
    select destination format
  5. Here, choose either Create New Database or Export to existing database option.
    set new or existing database
  6. Select the tables you want to restore and then choose either export With Schema and data or With only the schema option. Then, hit the Export button to finish learning how to restore one table from SQL backup file.
    restore SQL table from backup

Final Words

In this post, we address the most asked question – How to Restore SQL table data using the backup file in SQL Server 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, and other versions. For the convenience of the user, we explained simple, quick, effective, and workable steps for learning how to restore SQL table from backup in SQL Server.

Not even this, moreover, the solution makes it easier for users to restore tables from backup SQL server having corrupt files as it can repair them as well. Therefore, it’s an all in one solution.