Conveniently Resolve SQL Server Error 3446

Stacy Brown ~ Modified: July 10th, 2015 ~ SQL Master Database ~ 3 Minutes Reading

It is inevitable that you cannot come across errors will executing processes on SQL server. Whenever a user encounters any such error, it is very important for them to understand the nature of error and then take suitable measures to handle them appropriately. One of the most common error that is experience by users while working on SQL server is error 3446. Here, we are going to know the procedure for how to resolve SQL Server error 3446.

Resolving SQL Server Error 3446

For SQL error 3446 error handling, we first need to understand the nature and properties of error. Once we get through it, it will be easier for us to find the cause of error.

It is commonly known to all database administrators that whenever error messages are raised, they are stored in a catalog view known as sys.messages. The properties of a specific error message will give you suitable clues to resolve it conveniently. The error message 3446 that comes up on the screen is displayed in the following format.

SQL Error 3446

Comprehending Error Message 3446

Let us proceed with the process of understanding the error message 3446.

Error Severity Level:
This attribute provides a quick glimpse of the error nature. Here, the error level is 16, this means that the error has been generated due to user problems or mistake and can be easily fixed by the user itself. Therefore, users no need to get panic.
Error State Number:
The error state stand randomly between 1 to 127 and it helps the user in knowing the source that is responsible for generating the error. Sometimes, it may be possible that the error may originate from more than two sources and in this case, the error state facilitates users in knowing the cause of error.

Here, the error state is 2, so there is a probability that an error have been raised from two locations.

Line Number:

The line number indicates the line where the error has generated. In this case, the line number is 3.

Finally, we have the error message that describes the error in short. Here, the error message describes that the primary log file is not available for the database named as msdb.

In such a case, we need to discuss about the solutions for handling the errors. Let us discuss the process for resolving it.

Solutions to Handle Error 3446

Since, we have already known the nature and cause of the SQL error 3446, now we can discuss about the various methods through which we can resolve it.

A comparatively efficient way of handling the error is through backing up the database of SQL Server and then starting with the recovery process. However, before you resort to the process of having the backup of SQL server database, following things should be noted down

  • The log files and the data should be maintained on separate drives
  • Master database and the related data should be kept in separate database
  • One should keep the copies of log files

Once you stick down to the above procedure, I am sure after recovering the SQL server database; users will not come across the issue of error 3446 anymore.