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We are looking for some technical writers who can share technical articles with us. If you have the ability to expertise your technical skills about SQL Server, then immediately become a regular writer and express your ideas, thoughts, research and white papers etc.

Become a Regular Writer for Us

We accept and provide the genuine and well-written technical articles on some major sections of SQL Server like system database, user define database, master database, log files and similar topics to explore the basic utilities as well performance factors. Please take a look at the blog section we regularly cover on SQL Server Log Explorer.

As a regular writer, we expected to follow below guidelines:

  • Write genuine articles and should not be copied from others.
  • Content should be relevant to the topic.
  • Insert screenshots, Images in the article.
  • No grammatical mistakes, the article should be easy to read.
  • Do not add links in the article body and the author bio.
  • The Minimum word limit should be 500 words.