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How to Convert SQL Server Data to MS Access (. mdb) Format?

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Storing and retrieving of data has become easy with the emergence of Database Management System. For business organizations, managing their data became much easier with RDBMS. Microsoft has deployed Access and SQL Server database to support the storage on data in a proper way.The discussion in the page does with introduction to both the databasehowever; the focus of the page goes with the discussion of how to convert SQL Server data to Access .mdb file.

Microsoft Access

MS Access is mainly designed by focusing desktop users and application is file based. Many of the small and medium business enterprises depend on Access to capture and manage their data. The main advantage of this is, doesn’t require high level programming, making easier for users. MS Access when compared with SQL Server, you will see that Access is more compatible and it has UI tool along with the JET database.

Now, let us take a look at SQL Server.

Now, let us take a look at SQL Server.

SQL Server deployed by Microsoft enabled the access of hundred or more users at any point of time. It is designed as client-server architecture and there is no UI tools implemented. Users can create as well as manage their data and it is more robust system than others.SQL Server contains some administration tools that help organizations for scheduling their tasks, optimizing databases, transferring data etc

What Makes Small Business Organizations Go For MS Access?

If business is small, it is always good to go for MS Access. It is the best database system supported for desktop users and is more compatible. Generally, SQL Server is found on developers’ computers or on server machines. Moreover, the budget management will be easier as since MS Access comes along with the Office Suite of Microsoft. For SQL Server, users will have to spend more leading to a big budget and is more complex.Considering all these, Access stands out to be perfect for small business organizations.

Suppose if the database stored in SQL Server has to be brought to Access due to some reasons then, follow the steps given below.

Converting SQL Server Data to Ms Access .Mdb Format

Converting .mdf file to .mdb is easy since Server supports the conversion to MS Access format.


  1. Open SQL Server using the credentials.
  2. SQL Server

  3. Select the database to be converted
  4. Right-click the required database and choose ‘Export Data…’ from the ‘Task’ option.
  5. Export Data

  6. Select the Server name from where the database is to be exported.
  7. Authentication

  8. Specify the ‘Authentication’, either Windows or SQL Server Authentication. Once if the required specification is done, proceed with clicking ‘Next’ button.
  9. Server Name

  10. Choose the output format as ‘Microsoft Access’ from the dropdown menu listed near ‘Destination’.
  11. Destination

  12. Clearly mention the location for the output file and proceed by pressing ‘Next’.
  13. Data Source

  14. Apply the required filtering accordingly and move on with the process.
  15. Specification

  16. You will get to see the exporting of the database along with the status, either failure or success.
  17. Import & Export

  18. The database .mdf will be exported to .mdf format.

In this way, you can export the SQL Server database to MS Access. You can also convert MDF to SQL script using Import/Export wizard or via SQL Recovery Software. Hope the information given in the passage has added some knowledge.

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