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Best Way to View MDF File Without SQL Server Installation

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“Hello! I had created an MDF file through SQL Server after that I have transferred this file to another machine and deleted it from my first computer. Now, I do not want to install SQL Server on this PC due to lack of storage capacity and for some other reasons too. However, this MDF data file contains some crucial information about our organization. Thus, I need to access this data file anyhow but without installing SQL Server. Please, someone, recommend me any reliable software or technique to get rid of this problematic situation without any data loss. Thank you!”


Open and View MDF file Without SQL Server

There is a large number of cases in which a user is required to access MDF file without SQL Server. Yet, there is no any manual technique to do this. Thus, we have come up with SQL MDF Viewer, which is a perfect solution to view corrupted, inaccessible MDF Files without Microsoft SQL Server. This is one of the most reliable and tested software to open and view MDF files without installing SQL server.

Overview of SQL MDF Viewer

The main intention of developing this SQL database file reader is to enable the users to open, view, and read the entire data items of MDF file without installing Microsoft SQL Server on the local machine. This software allows users to open and view all data items of an MDF file such as column, tables, triggers, keys, indexes etc.

In order to view corrupted or inaccessible MDF database, it offers Quick scanning option for browsing data. There are no file size restrictions imposed by the tool to scan and explore MDF database. However, this utility is compatible with all versions of SQL Server and Windows OS.

How to Open MDF File with MDF Viewer

To open and view data of MDF File via SQL MDF File Viewer, go with the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Download and install the MDF Repair

Step 2: Launch the tool and hit the Open tab and select the MDF file

SQL MDF Viewer

Step 3: Select the Advance Scan or Quick Scan option as per the level of corruption in your MDF/NDF database files

scan mdf

Check the Auto detect option to detect the SQL Server version of selected MDF file automatically and click Ok button

Step 4: If you are required to view the data of associated NDF file then, select NDF Options tab and then browse the desired NDF file

add ndf

Step 5: The application will display a summarized detail of selected MDF files and the automatic scanning of MDF files of SQL Server database will get started

scan report

Step 6: After completing the scanning process, the tool will preview the recovered database of MDF/NDF files. In this detailed preview, you can view all the data items like tables, triggers, stored procedures, views, etc.

preview mdf file

Observational Verdict

After testing the operation procedure of the MDF Viewer, it is clear that the tool is easy to operate and user-friendly also. Users without SQL Server are continuously searching for the solution to view MDF files without SQL Server installation. However, this MDF File Reader makes this task easy for the user. Considering the requirement of users, the mentioned utility is an overall solution for related user queries.