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Solution to Recover Deleted Functions And Views in SQL Server

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Recover Deleted Functions And Views in SQL Server

Summary: Looking a solution for – How to recover deleted functions and views in SQL Server? If the answer is yes! Then, this write-up will guide you through the simple and fast approaches for the same.

Data loss in MS SQL Server is the most common problem that can occur anytime by any user. Sometimes SQL database objects like Tables, Views, Functions, Indexes, Stored Procedures, etc. are deleted during the management and maintenance of the SQL database, due to which the database administrator faces many issues. No matter how many precautions you take, accidental data deletion is always inescapable.

So to make sure, that all your data remains safe, we suggest to take a backup of your database periodically. If you have a valid backup copy of your database, you can easily restore deleted database objects back to its initial form. But what, if you do not have a recent database backup? It becomes a challenging task for the user to recover deleted functions and views in SQL Server.

Here in this blog, we will disclose the best solutions to recover accidentally deleted functions and views with/without backup.

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Ways to Recover Deleted Functions and Views in SQL Server

You can achieve this in two different ways first, you can restore your whole database back to its initial form if you have a recent database backup. But remember, it will take a lot of time, depending upon the size of the backup. Furthermore, if your previous SQL database files and database objects have been corrupt or damaged for some reason, then this method would not work.

Another method is to use an automated third party tool, that will restore the deleted Functions, Views, and other Database objects for you in just a few simple clicks. Let’s understand both solutions in a detailed manner:

Method #1. Recover Deleted Functions and Views In SQL Server (with backup)

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to restore deleted database objects from the .bak file of SQL Server:

Step 1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on your system and connect to the database.
Step 2. Afterward, right-click on the database and click Tasks>>Restore.
Step 3. Select the restoration source from under Source for restore.
Step 4. In the specified backup screen, add your database backup file.
Step 5. Now, click on the OK button to restore the backup file.
Step 6. Here, set the restoration destination under the Options tab and then press on OK.

Important Note: This method can only be performed with the MS SQL Server Management Studio.

Method #2. Professional Way to Recover Deleted Functions and Views in SQL Server (without backup)

If you want a simple and quick solution to recover deleted functions and views in SQL Server, you can take the help of an Enterprise-Grade Level professional SQL Database Recovery tool. This software has the potential to recover permanently deleted functions and views without losing a single bit of data. By using this software, the user can also recover the deleted table records without any hassle. This tool shows the preview of the deleted database component in red color so that it can be easily recognizable by the user.

Also, by using this utility users can easily recover deleted functions and views from a damaged or corrupt SQL database file. The graphical user interface of this tool is simple and easy to use so that a novice user can easily use it. Moreover, it is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server version 2019, 2017, 2016, and it’s below versions.

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Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover deleted functions and views in MS SQL Server

Step-1. Download, Install, and Launch the software on your system and click on the Open to load the SQL database file (.mdf file).


Step-2. Choose Advance Scan mode and select the Server version of SQL database .mdf file either manually or automatically. Also, check the checkbox corresponding to the Recover Deleted Objects option.

Recover Deleted Functions And Views in SQL Server

Step-3. Once the scanning process gets completed, the tool provides a preview of all deleted database objects in Red color. Afterward, click on the Export button to migrate the recovered data.

Recover Deleted Functions And Views in SQL Server

Step-4. Here, fill the export details and then select the required database objects from the export window.

Choose database objects

Step-5. Check the Recover Deleted Objects checkbox to recover deleted functions and views in SQL Server and finally hit click OK.

Click on Export

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The Final Words

Well, in this write-up, we have discussed two methods to recover deleted functions and views in SQL Server, the manual method and a professional method. The manual method comes with some limitations and not appropriate if the user doesn’t have a valid backup file of the database. So, we recommend you to go for the alternate solution to restore permanently deleted database objects from the SQL server without backup.

The user needs to use the advance scan mode to recovers permanently deleted data, and export the recovered data directly into Live SQL Database or as SQL Server Compatible Scripts in a single shout without losing a single bit of data.